Food Giant Hungenberg Produce invests $1 million for Food Safety

The century old business invests in food safety to be proactive

108 years in business and still going strong, the food giant Hungenberg Produce has invested $1 million into food safety upgrades at their warehouses. Hungenberg Produce has never experienced a recall of vegetables or a halt in production due to food safety violations.

The expensive upgrades were not a result of new federal or state regulations. Instead they came from the heart, the company wanting to leave anything to chance. At Dean’s Catering in Los Angeles, we completely understand not leaving anything to chance, as we ourselves hand pick the produce that we use for our clients!

Dean’s Catering… always a good choice

Specializing in location catering for a variety of social and corporate functions across the country; at Dean’s Catering we are always selective of the food we use to produce our amazing and tantalising meals, even selecting organic where we can. Our foods are obtained from locally sourced markets and stalls to provide our clients with the best meal possible.

Passionate about healthy and delicious food

At Dean’s Catering you know you are getting the best meal that is healthy, delicious and filling. Get the most out of your staff, tantalise the taste buds of your guests or impress business associates with our unique and healthy catering services.
Discover the meaning of true taste with our fresh, delectable and best of all, nourishing food all prepared by an expert chef or even by Dean himself!
For more information on our services or to book us in for an event, please contact us.

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