Former Macdonald’s Executive Spearheads Healthy Fast Food Restaurants!

At our production catering company located in L.A. we are all about fresh, healthy produce- and it seems that the former president and chief operating officer of Macdonald’s is too!

After a thirty year career at the world’s biggest fast food chain, Mike Roberts has said good bye to Ronald Macdonald and hello to a new food project. But don’t let the 30 year history of greasy burgers and fries fool you, Mike’s next project is a group of restaurants that offer low-calorie, locally sourced and sustainably grown food and wine!

From Big Mac’s to green, clean eating…

What may seem like a quantum leap is not in fact so far removed from Mike Robert’s last position, where he spearheaded the addition of new healthier options to the Macdonald’s menu including salads, apple dippers and fruit and yogurt parfait. On the menu at the new healthy fast food restaurants will be grilled salmon and quinoa wraps all served at an average speed of 8.5 minutes from ordering.

At Dean’s Catering located in L.A., we believe that all food should be wholesome, delicious and healthy!

We offer a range of health inspired menus to suit any occasion or – if you prefer – our chefs can design a unique and personalized menu for your special event! At Dean’s Catering we strive to source the freshest, healthiest and most delicious local produce to create an eating experience like no other.

We specialize in location catering for a variety of corporate and social functions across the country including:

• TV Commercials
• Film Shoots
• Corporate Shoots
• Video Music Shoots
• Private Functions
• Conferences
• Office Parties
• Open Homes
• Weddings
• Bar Mitzvahs
• Funerals

To find out more about our delicious and healthy menu options, please contact us.

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