Fresh Californian Cuisine is one of the Healthiest Choices around the Globe

When it comes to location catering, the fresh, nutritious California style menu that Dean’s Catering provides may be the perfect solution for your Los Angeles production

Californian style food is all about enjoying food that is simply prepared to respect the quality of the seasonal local produce. These disease fighting, low calorie and nutrient-rich fresh fruits and vegetables are incredibly healthy and a great way to fuel your cast, crew and staff on location.

At Dean’s Catering we also gain inspiration from the healthiest cuisines around the globe when creating our tasty, fresh menus:

  • Mediterranean cuisine

Traditional Greek foods like leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit, lentils, fish and olive oil deliver lots of nutrients that can cut your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diet related diseases. A study has recently revealed that eating a traditional Mediterranean style diet has been linked with a 25% reduced risk of death from heart disease and cancer. This type of cuisine is rich in healthy fats, and has also been shown to help people lose more weight than a traditional low-fat diet.

  • Vietnamese

Vietnamese food is typically prepared in a very healthy way, with lots of water or broth based cooking styles. The fresh herbs, vegetables and seafood pack a healthy nutrient punch, and the traditional Vietnamese flavorings (cilantro, mint, basil, star anise and red chili) have been shown to aid digestion and reduce inflammation.

  • Japanese

Traditional Japanese cuisine is incredibly healthy, and this is supported by the population of the island of Okinawa where people often live to over 100 years old. The secret to their healthy diet is a diet rich in fruit and vegetables that are prepared by light steaming or stir-frying, and not overeating. Key healthy foods to look out for in Japanese cuisine include yams, green tea, bok choy, seaweed, seafood, shitake mushrooms and unprocessed soy foods (tofu, edamame beans and tempeh).

  • Indian

Forget the fat laden creamy curries and the deep fried curry puffs, traditional Indian cuisine is packed full of healthy spices including turmeric, ginger, chili and garam masala which are healthy flavors that can actually protect against some cancers and Alzheimer’s disease! Yogurt and lentils are also great staples in a traditional Indian diet.

  • Spanish

The Spanish tradition of eating tapas (think small plates of food eaten over a long period of time) includes heaps of healthy options including fresh seafood, vegetables and olive oil.

Experience healthy fresh Californian produce prepared with inspiration from around the globe at Dean’s Catering located in Los Angeles

At Dean’s Catering in Los Angeles, we source the freshest produce in California and gain inspiration from the tastiest and healthiest cuisine in the world to provide you with fresh, delicious fuel for your cast, crew and staff on set.

Discover more about our catering services and tasty, sophisticated menu options by contacting us today!

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