Location Catering in Los Angeles for a Lean Physique

When it comes to movie sets in Los Angeles, location catering must support the dietary requirements of all involved!

Many leading ladies have transformed their bodies to become lean super heroes, and when it comes fuelling their fit bodies during filming, a fresh, healthy high protein option like those provided by Dean’s Catering in Los Angeles is one of the best options out there.

No longer solely the domain of male actors, female superheroes have been gracing our screens on an increasingly regular basis

Most recently actress Anne Hathaway slimed down and toned up her curvaceous figure to play Catwoman in the latest Batman movie. Slipping into a skin tight body suit is that much easier when you are supported by fresh, organic and healthy location catering on set!

Scarlett Johannson is another actress who got fit to play butt kicking Russian Spy Black Widow in the block buster hit The Avengers. Much like Catwoman, Scarlett’s character wore a black body suit when she helped save the world from alien invasion.

Angelina Jolie and Kate Beckinsale are other Hollywood starlets who have played fit female figures in the movie roles Tomb Raider and Underworld respectfully.

At Dean’s Catering we can provide healthy, delicious catering options to help you get the most out of your days on set

Our menus contain plenty of lean protein, fresh fish, vegies and organic produce to create delicious dishes that support a healthy, active diet, without sacrificing on taste, style or sophistication.

To find out more about our location catering services, please contact us.

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