Three tips to get the most out of your cast and crew

Are your crew sluggish, unmotivated and lacking morale?

It can be difficult to rally together a cast and crew that work unanimously and efficiently. That is why at Dean’s Catering we have compiled a short list of the three main tips to keep your cast and crew smiling and working.

ONE – Talk to your cast and crew!

Communication really is the key to keep those wheels and cogs oiled in the film production machine. Always offer feedback and provide as much information as possible. Film production is a team effort, and it is imperative that everyone be on the same page to help everything flow as smooth as possible.

TWO – Don’t overwork the cast or crew!

No one works well after a 20 hour day, and to ensure you get the very best from your cast and crew it is imperative they work practical hours so your crew are ready, willing and energetic.

THREE – Feed your crew!

At Dean’s Catering in Los Angeles, we know how important good food is to a good film production crew. Built to provide nutrition and sustenance as well as taste, our menus are compiled to provide an array of choice to your employees. Keep them well fed with our film production catering service and they will keep working!

Gain the best out of your crew with Dean’s Catering, where we hand pick the food we cook so you get the most delicious and nutritious meal possible.

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