Clean living starts with clean eating!

Film Catering Los Angeles

The hottest trend making waves in the film catering industry – is real food! At Dean’s catering, we have captured the clean living LA lifestyle in our fresh, healthy and delicious menus. Fuel your crew with real food, to get the most out of your team and get the job done.

Eating green doesn’t mean sacrificing on taste…

Long gone are the days of granola bars and steamed broccoli, our clean eating menus are exciting, modern and tasty. We believe simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, and respect the high quality produce we source for our creative menus. Think fresh seafood, exotic fruit and exquisite cheeses.

There is nothing better than being well fed.

We inject excellence into every aspect of our film catering. From sourcing the freshest, high quality ingredients, to preparing our tantalizing menus and immaculately presenting of our food, our film catering is a feast for the eye, stomach and soul. Simple, fresh and delicious, our food is warm and filling and won’t leave your crew hungry or lethargic.

Customize your own clean eating menu- or let us do it for you!

Our fresh produce is flexible, and we can cater to the needs and desires of your crew. The best thing about real food is that it can be designed to accommodate dietary requirements, allergies and intolerances, as there are no hidden surprises in our fresh ingredients.

A proven formula…

Through our experience working on hundreds of events like TV commercials or corporate shoots we have realized that if your cast and crew eat better with us, they work better for you. This is why our entire menus are created with the freshest, healthiest ingredients, with taste the ultimate factor.

To find out more about our clean eating film catering, please contact us.

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