Men in the Kitchen: Male family members are dominating the modern kitchen!

Traditionally the domain of females; men are finding the culinary feet in the family home.

New research has found that food chores are being spread around within the family home. In stark contrast to the negative stereotype of men bumbling through aisles with a grocery list, supermarkets and grocers are reporting large numbers of empowered and educated male consumers seeking the top ingredients to create complex signature dishes.

Research has shown that this trend has been on the rise for the last decade, with new figures showing men are seeking out recipes for complex signature dishes to impress and compete with friends. This is thought to be a byproduct of changing social trends, with more dual income and one person families present in contemporary society.

Celebrity chefs such as Curtis Stone and Jamie Oliver have paved the way for house hold Culinary Kings.

These masculine celebrity chefs have captured the interest of the male demographic; with studies showing that men are twice as likely as women to use food media as entertainment. While women of today have their mothers as a home cooking role model, men now draw inspiration from professional and celebrity chefs.

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