Worst food trends of 2012

Companies are pushing ‘new’ ‘natural’ and ‘fat free’ foods into our baskets, but how healthy are they really?

At Dean’s Catering in Los Angeles we rely on locally sourced, fresh and healthy foods to incorporate into every single dish we create. After noting the bad food trends this year, we have decided to compile a few of the most important trends to avoid so you can live a healthier and happier life!

Companies labelling products ‘natural’

A study found that 28% of Americans purchased more ‘natural’ foods this year, which is really no wonder that big-shot company marketers have decided to label everything this way! Apparently it is not false advertising; there is no regulation on the ‘natural’ claim, so be careful when choosing your foods!

Fast food chains serving extra-salted ‘health’ foods

The recommended daily intake of sodium for an American adult is 2,300mg or even 1,500mg for some. Unfortunately restaurants have neglected this information and continue to pour salt all over their menus – which means higher cholesterol and higher danger of heart disease. Why risk it!
At Dean’s Catering in Los Angeles we use only the freshest and most healthy fruits, vegetables and meats sourced from high quality and ethical suppliers. This means each dish is healthy, delicious and nutritious – the perfect food to serve to your production team to keep them motivated, focused and attentive!
Know you are receiving the best in location catering with us at Dean’s Catering in Los Angeles.
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