Brain food – Give your cast and crew healthy food to increase their productivity!

Recent research finds healthy food can increase efficiency!

Our brains are hungry organs craving for nutrients to help it function. The brain’s cells require double the amount of energy than all other cells in the body! To ensure your cast and crew work efficiently throughout the day, keep up their energy levels with healthy and nutritious food.

If their current diets are lacking in many foods that stimulate growth and productivity, your cast and crew can result in being sluggish, tired and even fatigued.

Give them a variation of these 20 foods that have been proven to help productivity:

  1. Avocados – Help keep your team from bloating
  2. Almonds – Fantastic for brainpower and energy
  3. Raisins – Will help boost energy levels
  4. Figs – These will help maintain energy levels throughout the day while keeping appetite at bay
  5. Olives – These will help with symptoms of arthritis and asthma
  6. Walnuts – full of Omega 3 acids to keep your team focused
  7. Carrots – These will help improve eyesight
  8. Strawberries – Full of nutrition, these will help keep your mind switched on
  9. Flaxseeds – These will help your team feel fresh and new even after a long day
  10. Water – This will help keep them hydrated and also speed up metabolism while keeping your team full
  11. Sunflower seeds – A fantastic way to beat fatigue
  12. Papaya – Can help prevent the common cold – keep your team nice and healthy!
  13. Pears – Hypo-allergenic, these are great for boosting the immune system
  14. Green Tea – This is full of antioxidants to boost the immune system
  15. Ginger – Fantastic for treating nausea
  16. Peppermint – Helps to perk up a tired worker
  17. Watermelon – Helps provide energy
  18. Low fat yoghurt – Full of good bacteria to help the mind focus
  19. Dark chocolate – This is good for satisfying the need for sweets and is full of antioxidants
  20. Raspberries – Also full of antioxidants, these are great to keep brain cells healthy

At Dean’s Catering we can provide healthy and delicious food to your cast and crew…

At Dean’s Catering in Los Angeles, our location catering services are unmatched; we source and hand-pick only the best food in terms of quality and taste, and craft menus to provide the best, most nutritious meals for your team.

Give your cast and crew new life with good, healthy and appetizing food so they can work harder and more efficiently for your production.

For more information on our services or to book us to cater for your film production, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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