Is Junk Food Giving Your Production Crew the Blues?

When it comes to fuelling a happy productive crew, cast and staff on location, ditch the junk food and go with the healthy, tasty options available at Dean’s Catering located in Los Angeles

A recent study has found that a poor diet can affect more than your waistline and physical health, it can actually increase your risk of depression! The British study found that people who consumed a diet high in processed meat, desserts, fried food, refined cereals and high fat dairy products were much more likely to experience symptoms of depression. On the flipside, the study revealed that those who ate a diet full of fruits, vegies and lean meats were far less likely to report being depressed.

An American study has also found a link between an unhealthy diet and depression

People who regularly eat processed foods such as doughnuts, pastries and fast food were far more likely to:

  • Lead a sedentary lifestyle
  • Smoke cigarettes
  • Consume Alcohol
  • Eat other nutritionally lacking foods
  • Work more than 45 hours a week

Most frighteningly the study revealed that those who follow an unhealthy diet are 51% more likely to develop depression compared with those who eat a healthy diet.

Recent research has also revealed that there may be a link between consuming trans fats and being irritable and aggressive! Who needs that on set?!

At Dean’s Catering located in Los Angeles, our tasty menu options support a healthy, nutritious diet

From fresh seafood and lean proteins to plenty of locally sourced fruits and vegetables, a catering solution from Dean’s Catering in Los Angeles is sure to have your production team performing well and feeling happy.

To find out more about our deliciously nutritious menu options, or to secure our services, please contact us.

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