Location Catering can Support a Healthy Lifestyle and Fit Figure in Los Angeles

Choose a catering service that provides nutritious, fresh and delicious menu options

Craft service is often blamed for celebrity weight gain, but with the healthy options at Dean’s Catering located in Los Angeles, you can forgo the snack table and enjoy healthy, tasty fresh meals to help support a busy filming schedule.

High protein, fresh, nutritious meals are particularly important when supporting actors have dramatically transformed their physiques for movie roles

Bulking up or gaining lean muscle mass is sometimes necessary for actors portraying certain characters in movie roles. Without the help of a diet full of lean protein, vegetables and fresh fruit, these actors would never have been able to maintain their fit physiques on set:

Most recently actor Tom Hardy bulked up big time for his role in the latest instalment of the Batman movies- The Dark Knight Rises. The lead actor in these movies Christian Bale undertook a dramatic transformation of his own for Batman Begins.

Ryan Reynolds went from sitcom star to Hollywood Heartthrob by getting ripped to perform in Blade Trinity, whilst Will Smith went from goofy rapper to elite athlete to portray boxer Mohammad Ali in the acclaimed movie Ali.

Gerard Butler is another actor who gained muscle mass to play a Spartan King in the historical/fantasy movie 300, whilst Taylor Lautner also built incredible muscle mass onto his frame to play a werewolf for the Twilight trilogy.

Experience healthy, sophisticated and delicious catering options at Dean’s Catering located in Los Angeles

We believe that healthy food should be tasty food and source the finest quality produce to create dishes that enhance and respect the integrity of their natural flavors. Our dishes are the perfect fuel to keep your cast and crew fit and well fed!

To discover more about the delicious menu options and catering services we offer at Dean’s Catering located in Los Angeles, please contact us.

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